hi guys.

first of all, sorry I made this thread.I could have searched for what I need but I got confused.
So, I got a used electric guitar for like 60$ and I thought it was good business.
Its a pretty used Cort guitar, pop series.I have only the guitar, no wires to connect it to an amp, no amp, nothing.
So let me start with the questions and I'd like it if you could answer any of those:

1.Are Cort guitars good?
2.Can I connect my guitar to my TV or speakers?(those that have the white and red thingie)sorry for my bad English.
3.what kind of wire will I need to connect it to the amp?(I got no money for an amp right now but when I asked at a local store for the wires it had a lot of different types.(trying to find a used amp))
4.I need a pedal ta make those rock sounds right?

lotta questions, 1 they're actually quite fine i think... my friend's got one that's great!
2 yes you can but you won't get any sound of it because it's a differen kind of signal or something, so YES but you won't get any sound xd
3 you'll probably need a usual guitar wire, which has 2 plugs (each at one side of the wire) both the size of your plug-in hole of your guitar..
4 GET AN AMP FIRST! most amps have got a distortion or overdrive built in so you'll be fine
1 Sometimes. Yours is good enough.
2 If you have some sort of amplifier. Doesn't even need to be a guitar one.
3 1/4in Male to whatever the power-amp is, whatever the output on that is to aux.
4 You need a real amp to make those rock sounds.
1) Cort guitars can be good depending what model you had. Seeing as you paid $60, I doubt you're working with anything all that great. Doesn't matter though, you will still be able to learn from it just as you would any other guitar.
2)Yes you would need the correct conversion cable but it's possible provided the TV/Speakers aren't ancient.
3) To connect it to the amp you will need a standard instrument cable which can range between free and fairly expensive depending the level of cable you go for. Since you are starting out I would go for something cheap. Most music shops offer those ten foot cheap cables for free. These will not last though.
4) The only thing you will really need the pedal for is switching between the "rock sounds" quickly during a song. Most newer amps have preset distortions nowadays anyway. Even old amps have an overdrive switch that will add crunch to your guitar depending how high the gain is set. If you are going for a delay effect or anything not overdriven on an older amp then yes, go for a cheap pedal since you are just starting. Multi-Effects pedals are good for beginners since they have a variety of effects you can set. The sound on these pedals are usually crap though.

1. I don't know much about Cort guitars, so I can't really help you on this one.

2. I've never tried connecting my guitar to the TV, it could work, but you'd need the right cable, with a 1/4 in jack (a.k.a. TRS connector) on one end and the red and white connectors on the other end. I don't know if they are available, but you could make one, I suppose. However, if you have a stereo, then it should be relatively easy to connect the guitar to it (I've done it a few times). Look for some sort of aux in plug on the stereo. You will still need a cable of some sort, with a 1/4 in jack on the end that goes to the guitar and the right type of connector on the other end to connect to the stereo (it could be a 3.5 mm TRS like the stantard headphone one, or something different).

3. To connect to a normal guitar amp, you need a cable with 1/4in TRS connectors on both ends. the length depends on your needs, but you don't want it too long. It is also better if the cable in shielded, or it will pick up interference. Your local guitar store should have plenty :-p

4. It depends: if you are using a hi-fi amp, then you'll need a distortion or overdrive pedal to get those rock sounds. If you are using a guitar amp, it usually has distortion built in.
Thanks guys.its all clear to me now.
However I'm a bit unclear about question 2.
you see, I bought this wire thats got one 1/4 in jack at one end and at the other end its got those red and white audio connectors, so I thought I'd be able to connect it to my tv but reading the first comment I'm not so sure anymore.
Guess I'll have to wait 'till next week 'till I get home.
Thanks again, you've been really helpful.
the signal from your guitar is VERY weak. You need some sort of preamp. Like an FX pedal, multi FX unit, amplifier, etc. Check out some used multiFX units on ebay. can usually find an oldr model pretty cheap, and you can run that out through headphones or into a stereo system if needed.
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