The stock strings look dirty on my new Fender American Standard Strat (2011 model).

I'm just wondering what strings I should replace them with. I want strings that are as close as possible to the stock ones.

Fender bullet 9s that's what they're strung with.
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Look for fender brand strings if you're looking to match the stock strings. However I would personally recommend D'Addario XLs instead, greatly prefer them to any other brand.
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Fender Bullet 9's for stock but id recommend trying out new ones. i thought my fender strings were good, till i tried out Elixir Nanoweb Strings! they are amazing, they sound better, play better, and last MUCH longer and dont get dirty. they are slightly more expensive though and definately worth it.
D'Adarrio 9.5 they're amazing.
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stick with 9's.

but imo, switch the brand. i'm not a bullet fan.

also, if you arent used to changing strings,

to learn more, check out the how to string, setup thread top of the page.

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