I'm on a little bit of a budget this year. I'm into a lot of thrash metal and other hard rock. I'm looking into a double bass pedal for my new kit. But, here's my problem. I only have a budget for it of $150. Please make the links to Guitar Center (I shop there and know the guy who works the drum department. He won't give me a deal, but he'll shows me anything they have there.) Suggestions???

Are you buying online or instore? New or Used? I buy from the GC used section all the time. Just bought my first double bass(DW4000) pedal 2 weeks ago for $100. Though it seems that the owner before me put Lok-Tite on the tension what's it called nut? So I'm stuck with an insane amount of tension, but I'm still happy.
I just sold my DW7000 double pedal a few days ago for $100, so your best bet is ebay or craigslist.
Would it be possible for you to save up any more than that?

Even if looking for used stuff, $150 probably won't get you much, and especially not new... if you had $300-ish then you could most likely track down something super solid like a Pearl Eliminator or maybe even an Iron Cobra.

Only reason I suggest this is because good pedals (aside from a good sturdy throne) is pretty much the most important piece of hardware on the whole kit IMO. It's a bad idea to skimp out on pedals because unlike the hands, what you can reliably execute on the feet is determined not only by your physical technique but also the quality of your pedals.

If not, yeah that Iron Cobra Junior that Skinny mentioned is pretty good, so is the pedal below the Eliminator that Pearl makes, and uhhhhh, that's pretty much all I can recommend without being dishonest

And also, just look around on Craigslist or eBay I guess, as has been noted. You never know what you might find. Anything in the range of $300-400 is more or less guaranteed to be good (Iron Cobra, Speed Cobra, Eliminators, the Yamaha DFP9500D, DW5000, Mapex pedals like the Falcon or Raptor), it just depends on what your preference.
Used DW 5000 or Tama Iron Cobras. None of the new ones in that price range are really worth the price
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i bought my PDP double bass pedal for $120 dollars, other than that, i couldnt find anything else, this pedal is a great pedal and its great for thrashing, i did a little of it my self and this pedal has severed me very well for the two years ive had it. i recomend it to anyone
I got mine for a little cheaper than the price listed here, actually, but this is a perfectly good pedal, I'm very happy with mine. The beaters have hard plastic heads, which may be a problem for some people, but I think they sound fine.
I have a DW3000 and it serves me nicely, I highly suggest it. I do not suggest the Iron Cobra Jr. due to the smaller footboard, and a single chain. I wouldn't suggest anything with a single chain. I got my DW off of ebay for about 175, you can probably find one cheeper.
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Pearl double pedals are fantastic at any price range. Not only do they feel good and respond nicely, but the foot boards are adjustable and you can get more of a feel for what you like in a pedal, so by the time you're ready to upgrade you'll really know what you want.
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