so its xmas time and i feel like getting a pedal. my current gear is a boss ds-2, ibanez wh-10, ehx lpb-1. i play them with a fender jaguar into a laney cub 12 and a marshall jcm 800 bass amp.

these pedals are mainly for my band which is a punkish, grungy, slightly funky kind of garage band which will be playing live soon hopefully. we dont really cover bands much...maybe ramones and sex bomb-omb (of scott pilgrim) sometimes but mainly we focus on our own sound so im not really looking to produce a specific artists sound.

i was thinking mainly of fuzzes, delays or some sort of modulation (maybe a chorus), maybe something to give me an edge on solos. if i do get a fuzz i was tihnking about using the ds-2 as a light drive and the fuzz for heavier stuff.

my budget isn't too high...i will stretch it if its necessary but i just want a normal, average pedal. nothing boutique

i live in europe and id rather buy locally...not that im trying to limit my options but shipping from thomann is already 30 euro...
ebay dont have it...but like i said id rather buy locally (im in malta...we have a decent selection)

i was looking into big muff, big muff w/ tone wicker, proco rat 2, small clone

the sound im going for, distortion wise anyway, is that 90s aggressive fuzzyness - chili, nirvana, radiohead, smashing pumpkins
im not sure about nirvana but rhcp use a boss ds-2 on turbo mode for there fuzziness.