I recently tried a fender mustang 61 in a shop. I loved it, but it had a 1972 neck. It was £1099. Is this right? Custom made neck.


Sounds fishy. They didn't start making Mustangs until '64.

If you like it and are buying to play, and not as an investment, then go for it.
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Yeah thanks, I've just checked. Duo-Sonic, perhaps?

If it doesn't have a vibrato, then probably. If it has the Dynamic Vibrato then it's probably a Mustang with the wrong year identified. All Mustangs came with vibrato.

Maybe it's a Mustang neck on a Duo-Sonic? The headstock should say Mustang. If that's the case, then there could be trouble. I might have originally had a 21 fret neck, or a 22" scale length. The Mustangs are 24".

How's the intonation? Mustangs don't intonate well anyway, due to the moving saddles, but if it's way off and won't come around then it might be a 24" scale neck on a 22" scale guitar.