We sailed to the Americas in Pirate ships,
the British called it the Navy,
Spain the Crusade,
The Africans call it enslavement to this day.

Neither ship I rode so I think of history a different way.
Traveling to the future to a younger generation,
Traveling, Traveling.

Our destiny in our control,
when presidents promise change,
war in Libya, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan,
and Iran.

Digging our brothers grave,
and killing our souls,
leaving us only one way,
to live, to travel on.
Traveling to the future, to a younger generation
Traveling, traveling.

Have at it...
Well. what.
Country names don't fit really well in this song because it seems it's supposed to be deep (in ny opinion). I don't really get what the lyrics mean, and each paragraf don't seem to hang together.
Hmm.... can you say what is the background music? Slow? Fast? Acoustic? Electronic? Light? Heavy? What instruments play what? Is the singing supposed to be soft? Loud? Shouty? Slow? Rap?

You gotta feel the music first, then you will feel the lyrics
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OK, I think you need to shorten this a bit. For example instead of saying 'the British' you should shorten it to 'Brits called it navy, Spanish crusades' to make it flow better. And for the line 'The Africans called...' you should instead make it 'The Africans, yet today, call it slavery' which rhymes with 'navy'.

Basically, just change it around a bit to make it flow better.

'Neither ship I rode, so I think in a different way'
'Travelling to the future generations'
'Presidents promise change,'
'But theres war in Libya, in Iran,'
'In Afganistan...'
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