Okay, this isn't really a 'technique,' but I figured that I spent a lot of time in this forum, so maybe someone who somewhat knows me can help me out. Granted, it IS about guitar and music in general.

I have no inspiration to play anymore at all. Whenever I play, I practically have to force myself to do so. This is making me really depressed and such because music was my life for so long. I spent so much money on it. I put so much effort into it. I dedicated much of my life to it and now it's just...Gone. I'm not trying to sound like some pathetic little wuss, but this is really shitty.

Is there anyone who can give me any advice on how to get my dreams back?

EDIT: I realized that I haven't spent much time in this forum in the past year or so, but maybe someone from '09 or '10 understands me a little more.
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look for new styles of music.
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wow, that sounds shit. i dont really know how to help you out but i can suggest listening to new music (stuff you havnt listened to yet) and set yourself musical targets. maybe even just take a break and then come back rejuvenated.
or maybe some kind of psychologist if you really feel depressed about it... i know, sounds extreme. but it really does help sometimes.
Someone suggested to me to just take a break for a month or two and it will come back. Seems legit, but still scary to do since there's always that chance that I'll lose all interest entirely. Any tips on this?

Also, maybe depressed was the wrong word. I'm down, but I'm not sad for weeks on end because of it. Don't get me wrong, it's a knife to the heart to think about, but it's not like there's nothing keeping me happy.
Try to form a band perhaps? Try to take new views on your instrument, approach it from a different direction. Learn a new style? Listen to new music? Perhaps you need a goal.
Got a band, but I'm currently working on jamming with fresh musicians in my area, so I'm hoping this will work. In fact, just talking about it is helping me get it back. I've got the itch again.
Try watching this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=df0sFG7FqSQ From what I remember it's a pretty good video but I do have to say that not playing if you really don't feel like it, assuming that it's not your career there's no harm in doing so and if you're not feeling it there's really no point in making yourself do anything.
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don't be so hard on yourself... put it away for a little while... Don't sell anything, but let your self rejuvinate... You'll miss it soon enough, and when you pick it up again, every thing will come easier, and with more enthusiasm...
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Watch these -

Another thing is I find that I go through phases where only one kind of practice scratches the itch. Change up what you do when you play! One of the following is always entertaining to me, if there's one you don't do, give it a go!

Technique practice
Learning jazz tunes
Playing over changes
Working on rock vibrato
Transcribing my favourite riffs

And good to see you round again bro.