Right i recently got myself and orange 2x12 ob cab to use at the studio and for gigging. Ive already used it pretty loud at the studio the day after i got it and not at all since. After that i have read some things about having to break the speakers in?

So my question is will it damage the speakers if i do not break them in? Could i have already damaged the speakers? and will it make the speakers sound better if i do break them in at lower volumes?
You can't easily damage speakers unless you're using more power than they're rated for, or a big bass amp, or something similarly foolish.

Break them in at high volumes! You're not really going to break them in if you play quiet. You need to get the cone moving. Turn the volume up and make a bunch of noise for a few hours.
It's possible to damage them for sure. I would play a lot quieter for a while first. A prime example is on Mythbusters when they tried to set off a gun with speakers. They got a brand new truck with an insane system (I don't know how many thousands of watts it was), and they never broke in the speakers and they started smoking and were pretty much destroyed (like they cared anyway, though). You should definitely keep it quiet for a while. I'm not sure exactly what it is, but I think you have to let the resins set in or something, I'm not even sure.
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Ohh ok, soo both post contradict eachother lol. For the note im using 100 watt tube head through two celestion vintage 30's which is 120 watt. so im not doing anything stupid. But which is it break in at low volume (7 oclock volume)? or what?
Well the main reason for asking is ive got band practise on tuesday and i was wondering wether to take my cab but if it need braking in i will leave it till next weeks, Or on the other side of things as roc just said if it need to be broken in loud i will take it to practise.
Just play 'em... They'll break in... My cab's sound starts to mellow a bit over time, not quite as shrill... (not much difference at all)

What are ya saving em for... Use 'em.. don't abuse 'em..
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it's not like a new car where they ask you to break the car in slowly to get it up to the task.

they are mentioning "breaking in the speaker" to let you know that like strings,
there's a break in period before they hit their peak in tonal loveliness.

like said a few times, play them to break them in.

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As above. They get better when they break in and start to sound a little less harsh. No, you do not have to break them in to look after them. What BS.
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