Hey there UG world, I'm looking for all you musicians from around the world to help me form an online band.
I play many instruments including keyboards, bass guitar, electric and acoustic guitar, uke, banjo, trumpet, trombone, drums, zanzithophone, melodica, and many more. I have recording equipment and I have played many gigs the past 7 years.
I'm looking for a group who is willing to play anything and make our own music. I want it to be accessible and catchy, yet not musically and lyrically bland.
The idea I have in my mind is a combination of:
Pop - Rock - HipHop - Dance - Electronica - Punk with influences of Folk - Ska - Rap - and Indie
Anyone interested?
I also do sing, and would prefer to do backup vocals, as my singing wold be more electronic - tlakbox autotuny sounding
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If you want a guitarist then I could do it because I'm getting recording equipment for xmas so I could do that if you need me

Cool, how long have you been playing?
i've been playing for 8 years but i prefer to play country music. however i am pretty confident with guitar chords. i have got an acoustic (gettin electro-acoustic for or fter xmas) but im prepared to go faster than what i play now, 1m 15 years old from rayleigh, essex, england but i do not have access to good recording equipment, just the bland old sound recorder on my computer! do you want me?

electro-acoustic guitar player
(looking for band in or near rayleigh - essex - UK)
i can play guitar (i have both acoustic with a pickup and electric), simple mood setting bass lines, i can play piano or keyboards. I also have drum track software and have written some decent lyrics.
I need people with great recording equipment and a willingness to play anything. Can we meet up on a gmail or skype chatroom this friday if you're interested?
I have good recording gear ( In-line to computer ) and I play keyboard and both acoustic and electric guitar. Music is my life and my passion. I literally play for 4-5 hours a day. I can play violin as well but don't own one. Same with bass. If you need anything, I'd be glad to help. If not, that's fine too.
Do you have anything I can listen to so I can see if we can work together? Send me a PM if you have a link to some of your work so I know what sound you are working on.

I can sing and play acoustic and Electric rhythm guitar
I also have recording equipment.
not good recording eq, and not willing to play anything so sorry im out

electro-acoustic guitar player
(looking for band in or near rayleigh - essex - UK)