Hi guys, placed it here as i couldn't seem to find anywhere else it fits...

I've been getting into machinehead a lot lately (Mostly due to Unto the Locust, but i was a big fan before) and was thinking about tuning my 7 string down accordingly to have some fun (i have no interest in a Drop B with a higher 1st string for soloing before suggestions come in)

Now, Music theory has never really been a strong point for me, and i'd like to know what my options are for my 7th string, There's no doubt a few interesting options... currently rocking a Drop F tuning at this moment in time (C tuning on the lower 6 with an F 7) but this one stumped my mind


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Machine Head tune using cents so you might want to check how they get their tuning. Depending on your gauge, you can get from B anywhere down to Ab. Sky's the limit.
Drop G# is a lot of peoples' favorite, due to Periphery's recent popularity, but standard and drop are usually the main choices. ADADGBE and ADADGAD (and all the strings tuned up or down to preference) are pretty common as well.
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So you're in, low to high: C F Bb Eb G C, in C standard tuning yeah? What to make your seventh string, hmm...

Drop F is definitely a good choice. Putting a G on the bottom is also good, to continue the pattern of fourths. Perhaps you could add an higher string? Stick a high F on top, for CFBbEbGCF. That's a six-string with an extra string, but it moves the minor third interval down a string. So why not try seven-string standard tuning a halfstep up? Go CFBbEbAbCF? See how the G is now an Ab? That way you keep your familiar intervals by adding a string below, instead of up top.

Or you can add an high Eb! The C-Eb interval is a minor third and will give you some very awesome chord voicing opportunities.
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Perhaps i didn't make myself 100% clear with my intentions with that wall of mixed text...

I'm currently in Drop F (C standard with the F on the 7th), With 14-68 and what i believe was an 80 (?) Bass string on top...

What I'm aiming for is Drop B on the lower 6, but I'm unsure what the 7th would be? ( ? , B , F#, B, E, G#, C#) As I've never tried throwing a drop tuning on the bottom, i wouldn't know what my options are for that low 7th xD What does Devin do with his tuning in strapping? It was something like GCGCGCE? does that mean i could just stick an F# on my 7th for similar effect?

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If im not mistaken on string gauges... That 80 gauge is my A string on my bass.... Damn. But I have no idea if the measurement systems are different...

Try maybe... F#?
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If im not mistaken on string gauges... That 80 gauge is my A string on my bass.... Damn. But I have no idea if the measurement systems are different...

Try maybe... F#?

You would be correct in thinking that, It IS literally a bass string I've stuck on

Hmm, F# on the bottom would result in regular fingered power chords etc, with the octave being same fret two strings up, could be fun to mess around with...