A lot of hair metal is tuned to eb, Ratt, Steelheart, Van Halen (not really hair metal, close enough), Warrant, Poison, Winger to name a few. And all those guitar players played with a floyd rose equipped guitar.

I might get another superstrat that is set up for eb, because you have to do a full setup when changing tunings and it'd be a bitch to go back and forth from standard to eb.
I keep my floyd rose guitar in half step for hairmetal permanently, I use a cheap les paul for drop tunings and I have a good les paul in standard. So yes, i have a guitar just for half step down 80's metal
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Quote by winterXsolstice
no, it's really not. I go from drop c to c standard on my floyd all the time.

do you adjust the bridge every time you change tunings?
if you put a block in the trem cavity then you could be all will nilly with tuning but you would have to adjust string tension everytime you tuned your floyd down.
just get another guitar to suffice the tuning that is properly set up
I have 2 strats... one in sandard and one in Eb... it works great for me... and as I drop D a lot... the vintange bridge is not against me...
To me this isn't necessary..it's just whatever you or your band like. Just a preference thing. We stay in standard tuning...then I have a drop D guitar. All my guitars have floyds. I guess being a half step down would allow the singer to not have to sing so high on some songs. My $0.02
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Aye, to go'eth from E standard to E flattened tune'age can be as elementary as lowering ye pitch of string VI by but a half-of-a-step, dear musicandthewave.

However, any reason to procure an additional axe shoulde be exploited in great measure!

This post now concludeth!
Yes I will always have one tuned to eb. I also have one tuned to d for motley crue songs. the rest are in standard.