Does anyone have experience with, or would like to offer their assessment of, this Fender A/E guitar? http://www.fender.com/products/search.php?partno=0968027021

I know a couple of Fender's acoustics are well thought of here, but I've never seen a thread on this one.

The tan pick guard and Strat headstock are, at the very least, (IMHO), "groovy".....

(I linked a left hander. As one would expect, it comes right handed as well).
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sorry cranky, can't get past the cheesy overview. go ahead... "ride the wave"
No problem. Nobody really expects you to push that big heavy mouse til the pointer is over the spec button, and then left click, let alone actually take the time to read the specs.
thanks. i knew you'd understand. couldn't read the specs, they were all in left hand... confused me.
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thanks. i knew you'd understand. couldn't read the specs, they were all in left hand... confused me.
Try putting a mirror in front of your monitor, and reading them in that......
I have an older model (2006), and the preamp isn't as fancy (nor is it used very often). It is, however, very comfortable to play. I swapped the stock bridge pins for Jellifish Hot Rods, and I use D'addario phosphor bronze .011's, which makes for a slightly too bright combination when the strings are fresh. However, once they're broken in, they're still bright enough for me (I like a bit of shimmer, I guess?), without sacrificing bass. The machine heads are nice, and I wish more of my guitars had the same kind.
It's held up surprisingly well (as my room fluctuates between overly hot and ridiculously cold, sometimes in one day), and has been knocked over by my dogs countless times. There's a few small dents, but it survived falling headstock first onto a metal trash can without going out of tune.
I do sometimes get weird looks when I play it, partly because my friends don't think much of Fender acoustics (until they hear this one), and partly because of the headstock (which is, indeed, groovy).

So, in short: it's a champ. Just buy the damn thing. You'll be the coolest kid on your block. Your mom will even say so.