Just got a Tiny Terror awhile back and i love it.. looking to get the dual Terror in a few weeks..
I know this is not a metal amp! but i would like a decent OD to put me in the neighborhood every once in awhile for fun..

What would you have in mind? Ive checked out the ts9 online but not sure how i feel about it.
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The TS9 can do metal when it's pushing the dirty channel on an amp. I don't think solely it will get you into metal territory close I'd say but no cigar. It also depends on what metal you want to play...do you mean like Metallica/Megadeth i.e 80's or thrash or something else. A Dr Scientist Elements is a great metal pedal that can cover a lot of different metal territory. Otherwise a Barber Dirty Bomb or MI Audio Crunch Box would also be a good ticket.
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i woudl get the new mxr custom badass o.d or the way huge green rhino reissue, i have the green rhino and its awesome
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i swear by the MI audio Blues Pro. it is just magical with my Dual Terror. i have tried a decent amount of tubescreamers on it ts808, ts9, BBE Green Screamer and an OCD (which is different and they aren't great at boosting), and it just really likes the MI audio Blues Pro.
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I know the TT can be finicky with pedals. Im trying to get just a generic type metal tone for m a pedal. Im not big on playing metal, but from time to time I come across a song I want to learn.

Tool, chevelle, a perfect circle type stuff. Not sure if you guys think that's metal or not
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