Yes the title is intentionally absurd.

I have noticed that the user reviews here are almost always very positive, I struggle to find any that are really negative. The written reviews all seem to go from 7 to 10.

Why do you think that is? I can imagine several reasons:

1) Classic user-review problem: people who review tend to own the item, therefore tend to be biased in favour to justify their purchase.

2) All guitars and gear are so good nowadays that few suck enough to warrant a truly negative review.

3) I have just happened to come upon positive ones because I only look at awesome stuff.

4) All of the above.
This thread is ****ing awful. I rate it 9/10
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Because the people who review the product are usually big fans of the product.

This. I also think that a lot of these people haven't played higher end guitars and thus rate their budget guitars as low as they really should be comparably. It's kind of like, you rate based on your experience, but if your experience doesn't include a true 10 then your, as they say in business, paradigm will be shifted lower than someone who has played on the 10.
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This thread is ****ing awful. I rate it 9/10

Thank you! One does try.
I usually try hard whenever I do reviews and, as a result, I get a fair amount of people barking and screaming that I 'didn't do the item justice' or that I 'mangled the results in some way'. Look, if the guitar doesn't hold up to falling on the floor from rest, it isn't built with quality. Yes, it shouldn't happen, yes I have not been bestowed upon with the gift of grace, but it isn't out of the ordinary that guitars fall.

Mine fall a ton, and I feel that my expertise is in workmanship.