Haha well it was definitely interesting. I can definitely say it wasn't bad for sure. It actually sounded like a sorta unique DnB/dubstep type song or something lol. It wasn't amazing, but wasn't my type of electronica I listen to either, but hell I'd say it's a pretty well made song. 3:30 kinda just came out of nowhere though, that transition there couldn't been played out better. What did you make it with?

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Yeah this is my first electronic song so I just wanted to get as much stuff I wanted to try in as possible, I'll probably work on that transition. And I made in Logic Pro 9, with just their plug ins.
I'm gonna put some vocals into it and stop it down a little. I'll crit yours in a bit
You're doing it right for sure.
The sort of main melody you have is a bit overused but it's definitely catchy and nice, the bass and s
drums work really well.
One thing I noticed that is lacking is the transitions, like in 1:24, it's way too sudden, but i did enjoy the choirs. Also, the low bass thing at 2:29 is awesome, reminds me of a part in Heavyweight by Infected Mushroom.

Awesome song