We are thinking about stringing our black guitars with white strings and our white bass with black strings. If they make them of course
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These strings have a nice sound and keep their sound very a good amount of time. The colored coating will start to come off where I pick depending on how much I play

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I have DR Black Beauties on my bass. No issues here. And it looks good with the rest of my hardware being black too. If your bassist plays with a pick the coating goes away very fast though.

Never heard of white strings.
I just played a battle of the bands on Sunday, and one of the bassists had a natural finish bass with all black hardware, black pickups, and black strings. It honestly looked kinda weird, but I think that was because of the natural finish. I think if it had been something else it probably would have looked cooler. Then again, it could have been because I'm not used to colored strings.

I thought it was a sweet idea, though, and it definitely made his bass stand out. It's amazing how quickly something so subtle can catch your eye. His bass tone still sounded pretty damn good to me, so they must sound fine. My guess is he had just put a new set on, though, because they had absolutely no wear.