I'm currently trying to play the tapping part of Arms of Sorrow by Killswitch Engage but my tapping is... frankly pretty awful. I keep hitting the other strings with my fingertips I cheat by holding the adjacent strings down with my right hand (the tapping part only requires one hand) but I would like to know how to do this properly so I can do it without being laughed at/insulted :P
I also mute the strings with my right hand for that part of the song. I wouldn't consider it cheating
That's actually a good technique, don't worry.
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...Mute it with your left hand instead?

Don't worry about it. Just practice your accuracy slowly. However, the strings will still ring slightly even if you only tap one string without hitting the others. You're smacking the neck, so of course, the strings are going to vibrate from the shock. So long as you can play it and get the sound you want, it's all fine. But practice it slowly to build your accuracy, first. Then you won't have to mute as much.
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