I'm having a bit of trouble deciding, between a Blacktop Stratocaster and a Standard Stratocaster. I've tried them both and liked them both, but of course I'm really bad a decision making. Also, its between HH(Blacktop) HSS(Standard) SSS(Standard). Pretty much I want to know which one would be more reliable on stage, but any other info would be awesome.

What I play - Alternative/Indie/Hard Rock (ex. Say Anything, Paramore, Starting Line, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, ect.)

Where I live - Largo, FL

Pickups- Any will do.

Budget - 500$

Perferences - Fender with a Maplewood fretboard(I know limited)

New Or Used? I'd perfer it to be new, but if it's a good price I'll get it used.

Currently I play with a Line 6 HD300, Vox VT120+, and a Ibanez RG370DXGP4 (And sometimes a RG2EX2, or a RG120.)
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Id say the hss would give you..the most options.. if memory serves me right the blacktop has coil tap but imo its just not quite the same.. all are gig worthy.. the standards obviously been aroung longer to have the track record to prove it.. but i cant imagine an unreliable fender
Both will be equally reliable.

IMO (owning quite a few Fenders) Fender never really gets humbuckers quite right. ESPECIALLY neck humbuckers. I dunno what they put in the black top guitars, but the neck pickup is horrid. Plus Fender neck single coils are just awesome.

HSS standard will be just about the most versatile guitar around. As well, the neck on the blacktops is the thicker profile, which I don't care for, while the standard uses the same profile as the american standard, and it just feels better, again IMO.
honestly i don't know where they are manufactured, but that would potentially be something to go off of.

i would recommend you an HSS though.

if you were looking for a strat with strat sounding SC's, i doubt you will get it with the coil tap. it wont sound bad, but you likely wont get the tone of a strat taste of a single coil when splitting a humbucker.

i like buckers and would go blacktop unless they were made in a different country.
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I agree the HSS would be an awesome choice but really either would not be a mistake.
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Go for the HSS. If you want to you can modify it for another humbucker and have an HSH, which would be the most versatile configuration IMO.
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