If you're looking for tablature, just browse Ultimate-Guitar.

Or if you want short pieces, try http://www.8notes.com/guitar/. There should be some stuff on there for you to use.
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...how about just getting some sheet music and trying to read it? websites can't do everything, you know.

just find some sheet music online, print it out, and read it. that's really your best bet.
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Get powertab (free) and get some tabs on here, but only read the notation. I don't see why that wouldn't work.
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Most "sight-reading" will probably done in a classical or jazz setting, and if you were prepared to play those, I really doubt you'd be asking where to learn sight-reading.

My first instinct is to think someone said "You need to be a good sight-reader and read sheet music for guitar if you're gonna be a session musician", which is perfectly accurate, but you're probably going about it the wrong way. Of course, I don't know what type of music you're active in, your musical skills, or really anything about you, so I can't make the call, but on first assumption I'm skeptical.

GP/PT/TG will work fine as above have said, but it seems a little impractical if you don't play jazz and/or classical guitar (and don't intend to) or have some sort of sheet music in the first place to practice for the sake of practice, but it really can't hurt, I suppose.
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Get powertab (free) and get some tabs on here, but only read the notation. I don't see why that wouldn't work.

because people typically don't notate it correctly.
This probably isn't what you're looking for, but I found transcribing piano music for guitar to be excellent. I mean, I assume you can't read standard notation terribly fluently, yeah? This way, when you come across piano chords to arrange for a guitar, you'll get to read the notes and become familiar with them (and the notes on your guitar) very quickly.

Other than that, just look for some musical notation transcriptions of video game music. They usually have awesome melodies to help you sight read.
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^ Slightly related to this would be to get sheet music for guitar (really it'll be the same as long as you get something with treble clef), then tab it out. I tabbed out some songs for my club (because not everyone in the club gives a shit about reading music) last year to make up for my quitting and ended up being able to feel a lot of where the notes are at the end of the whole thing.
Yea, I was recently searching for the same thing and ran across an awesome program called sight reading factory. It literally makes up music for whatever level you want for almost any instrument, guitar being one of them. I have never seen anything like it, pretty cool! Here is the link: