Alright so if you remember my last thread, I'm taking a trip down south to play a few shows. Finally decided I'm going to do the autotrain thing. Drive down to Virginia, then 17 hour train ride to Florida. It works because I'll still have my car, and won't have to drive that much.

However something bad happened in which I lost three out of the five shows I had booked for the trip. It's already booked, though. I google'd to try to find venues, but it's a short amount of time (about 2 weeks til I leave) and I don't want to waste it. 3/4ths of the results say that they have open mics and book solo artists, but upon contacting them, they actually don't.

Does anyone know a place in Florida with a really good opportunity for solo acoustic musicians to get shows? Or any venue for that matter? (Open mic, coffeehouse, etc) So far the remaining shows that I have are in Cape Coral and Fort Myers so a place in western Florida would be helpful.

Thank you guys so much! Hopefully I can get to meet some of you too!