there's a guy selling a Dano Fish and Chips EQ pedal ( http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/danelectro-dj14-fish-and-chips-7-band-eq-pedal )on craigslist for 15 bucks, i was thinking about snagging that and building it into a Valve Junior head, seeing as i've had the amp for a few years now and originally bought it with the intention of doing a few cheap mods (nothing more than 40-50 bucks or so that would negate the purpose of buying a cheap amp in the first place.).

the only music project i'm doing right now consists of just myself (link in sig) and i usually use this amp when i play live. for some reason, i prefer it over any of my other amps. i kinda like to keep things simple and i don't really like using any pedals. (i think one of the reasons i like the amp so much is because it only has one knob.)

could i somehow integrate this pedal into this amp? it seems like it could be very simple to do. like, just a matter of wiring it in after the guitar signal and then mounting it on the chassis? how could i get it to run off the amp's power?

i've read great things about these pedals and i think it'd look really cool mounted on the amp?

obviously i could just keep it simple and skip this whole thing and use the pedal as normal, but what fun is that?
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could i somehow integrate this pedal into this amp? it seems like it could be very simple to do.

Not sure how you came to this conclusion.

Could you somehow? Yes. very simple to do? Probably not.

I don't mean to put you off, you should grab the pedal by all means. If simplicity is you're thing, theres always the option 'intergrating' the pedal in behind the speaker in the cab?

If thats abit too simple for ya and you're intent on installing with the controls easily available on the front grille then you're gonna need to measure the circuit board of the fish n chips and compare to the avail chassis space. It doesn't look that big ( Don't have one myself but looking at it online) but its made up of 3 boards, heres some good gutshots: http://www.beavisaudio.com/gg/cd.htm
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Not sure how you came to this conclusion.

first of all, thanks a ton for the link.

but i don't know, i've never done anything like this before and probably have no idea what i'm getting myself into, but it seems to me that it shouldn't be harder than wiring it in just inside the amp where the guitar signal comes in and then somehow making it run off of the amp's power.

this way, it would still be in line and still function as the pedal, rather than part of the amp.

the way i see it, it shouldn't be much different than the standard GUITAR -> PEDAL -> AMP.

the only difference is that it would be mounted inside the amp rather than outside and connected by a cable, correct?

hell, i don't see why i couldn't just use the input jack of the pedal as the input of the amp, then wire the amp's input after the pedal's output... (?)

forgive me if i'm an idiot, i've never done anything like this before.
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^if you only wanna ingerate the pedal in front of the amp then you could use your amp's input jack then wire it directly to your pedals input then pedals output the the wires that were wired to the amp's input jack. there you go?

that's what i'm thinking.

how could i go about powering it? could i use the amp's power supply? i don't need any fires. haha
I dont really know your amp's transformer but you should have some 9v somewhere there. may be 6v pilot light but it won't be enough for the Fish n Chips I think. then you could either use a power pump to boost it to 9v or have the input wire split up and go to another adapter which does the 110v>9v before entering the power transformer.. makes any sense?
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I see no issues with the theory, hardwiring it inline with input, I just think it'll be rather challenging the get it to fit into the chassis. Not impossible though.
You would be wise to visit this site about Valve Junior mods, http://duhvoodooman.com/VJr/VJr_mods.htm You can find a schematic which may or may not prove to have a 9V supply somewhere in the circuit.
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ok why won't you just get an ordinary 110v to 9v power supply. then split the wire before it enters teh transformer and have one to go to the power supply too, stick it in side teh cab next to the pedal. Problem?

(excuse my ignorance.)
so, would this be a new power supply for the whole amp or would it be done inside? thanks so much for all your help. can you point me in the direction of what i need?
Basically....u want an effects loop.
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oh and also you could get a 9spot.. in case you want to 'mod' your amp a bit further with a tremolo or a reverb

i honestly wouldn't mind! HOW?!
that seems cool.

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Basically....u want an effects loop.

yeah, pretty much.