Hello,have been a long time since i`ve been here,lets get to the point.

Recently i picked up bass again and i learned theory,well all in all the main basic things you should know (notes,scales,modes,triads,etc etc) but i am getting bored again(that is why i gave it up a year ago after fooling around for years) i havent played with any musician as i was afraid that i would suck at it,i tried to write my own stuff,but i just cant get any ideas,basically i end up just using scales and the similar patterns and get bored fast,i have no problem learning a song by ear(not talking simple root note songs about) but it gets boring fast,what should i do? help please as music is the thing that is basically the only thing left that interests me,sorry for my mistakes ,i hope i did explain it somehow to you!
^ Ye!! Go jam!!! Do it with friends if you can, so you're not afraid to make mistakes!! Fool around with tone, grab a drum loop and a guitar playing buddy and make music for the sake of it,to me it's still one of the funnest things two or more peeps can do together...
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