Im going away for college and I have a case for my electric but not one for my acoustic. I am not lugging that many things to college, and I've put my epiphone masterbilt dreadnought on the back seat of the car and it turned out fine. I really don't want to spend 50-80 bucks on a case and hardly ever use it, since I mainly play electric guitar, and I don't take my acoustic guitar to places and stuff to jam and stuff.

Convince me why I should pony up for a case?
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Not really, just be careful about how you place it.

EDIT: Wait what? Did you mean you had a bag but not a hardcase?

If you don't have a bag, get one. Or get a hardcase while you're at it.
But if you already have a bag to keep it in, you don't really have to buy a hardcase.
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$50 to protect your guitar is well worth it IMO.

That's the case I have. My guitar is in there 100% of the time I'm not playing it. I would never go to college without the guitar in a case. Now I have cats, and a 2 year old so... the case has saved me a few times.

^ Plus 10...

It only takes one time to ruin a good instrument...
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$550 to $600 dollars to replace vs a $50-90 expenditure for a case??
No contest!
Yanno... shit happens... and usually to those least expecting it.
While traveling about with a nekkid guitar strapped to yer back *may* have a certain pannache...having that terrible accident, causing untold damage/breakage/destruction has it's own detractions.

BTDT myself, so........I now travel with a hardcase only. Bulky, unwieldly and not as kewl; but as opposed to the possibility of a busted git-box??? No way, Jose'!
A hard case is worth investing in regardless. Especially because your guitar is all solid wood. You should be keeping it humidified and a soft case will not do a good enough job. Take a look at the link in my sig for information about humidity.
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definitely go with the case! even if you make it there without incident.... there may be just a few drunken idiots in your future..... you want 2 beer rockstars grabbin' your precious guitar all the time? everyone here listed perfect reasons to get one so far, with the exception of the pimpin' owl. i'm assuming your going to have very limited space like a dorm or cheap apartment. don't leave that fine instrument exposed. too easy to get knocked over and damaged.
How will you store it in your room when you're away at college? I used to have rowdy, drunk people at my place all the time when I was in university. An uncased guitar is an invitation for trouble.
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