the drummer in our band has become ridiculously controlling over that past couple of months and its messing everything up. the singer is the drummer's brother and he lives in london and can only get back (to cardiff) on weekends and back for holidays. this is ridiculous as we have been offered gigs in january and feb and the drummer turned them down without telling us because his brother wont be around. i write all of the songs on my own and record them then bring them to practice and we jam them out and the other guitarist does the same when he can, we used to work really well together as a band now the drummer has just turned into a massive stoner.

he decided he was going to 'shoot a music video' the other day without asking anyone else and hes planning on uploading it and the rest of us havent even seen it. me and the other guitarist are up for giving singing a go because the current singer just isnt gunna be around enough and the drummer is COMPLETELY against us singing (he thinks he is a really good singer, whereas he isn't). he has plans to get another singer in and i told him its not happening, i don't see why he wont let us sing. he rants about other bands being 'unproffessional' but everyone is in it for fun, he takes himself so seriously and me and the other guitarist are not having fun anymore.

i had an arguement with him because he said "you will never get good at singing cus you have to beable to sing naturally like me and my brother" which is bull, and he never has heard me sing. there has been a lot of things going on but it's too much to type up at the moment.
he used to be a really good friend of mine but now he probably the most arrogant person i know, he constantly says "we are better than 'insert random local band'" and all that crap and i just hate people like that, i play drums and he will never let me have an input on anything to do with drums even though i have done my grade 8, i do know what i'm doing and he treats me like a little kid whereas i wrote our whole demo and the majority of songs. we have potential to gig regularly around our area but hes just being completely counter-productive.

it would be a shame to call it quits, we have about 7 decent songs. if me, the guitarist and bassist left, what is the deal with using those songs for ourselves? afterall, we did write them and not the drummer and singer.

sorry for the really long post, i wanted to be more concise but it dragged on haha
If you and the other guitar player write all the music, why dont you just find a new drummer?
Either way, if a drummer's giving you problems, fire his ass and replace him. I imagine Cardiff has loads of drummers. And so what if he's the singer's brother, if you write the music, and play, then you obviously have worked the songs out better than anyone.
i wish the best of luck to you mate.
im not sure if its just a phase that he will get over in a couple of weeks or something. i'm not discrediting him, hes a good drummer but he needs to sort it out or the rest of us are calling it quits.
whats the general rule with using old bands songs? (bearing in mind it will be me, the other guitarist and bassist)
Sit down, have a conversation with him. Either it goes well, or you leave the band, and maybe the other guitarist comes with you.