You know that sorta Brian May bend (you know the ones i mean) when he seems to hit every string, then usually pulls a bend on the G or B string, and catches it perfectly, while keeping those other strings muted, but hitting them just to add the extra sorta chug of the strings... I cant quite figure out how you're supposed to hit basically every string (with the exception of the higher strings in relation to the string you hit) and still hit the note and produce a perfect bend... I saw a vid of Zakk Wylde saying he tips his index finger, and uses it to drag across the strings, then hits his bend...

Any advice on correct technique or ideas, ive tried using my right palm to mute the low 4 strings then bend a note on the B string, but that was fruitless.

I know ive explained this horribly, but ive tried to best... Just watch any Brian May video and watch him bend and you can see roughly what i mean... I hope
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You don't hit all the strings at once, you rake across them with the pick, sort of like sweep picking. Use your index finger or whatever is free to mute the strings.
yeah i reckon it is raking, its just i was trying to use my pal to mute them, but i would always end up muting the string i was intending to bend, which kinda defeats the purpose... its just finding a technique with la right hand that works !

Oh and thanks, folks !
Dom, look... I Caught a PWOPER fish
Take it slow:

1. Choose a string and a nore ( i reccomend that you start with the B string and you start on fret 5)

2. You first play Fret 5 on B string then you Play fret 6 on B string

3. After you hear how it sounds you play the 5 fret again but this time you bend it until the sound is the same as on fret 6.

This is half step bending, you can of course go for 1 full step and so on.

I recommend that you try bending with all your fingers, this way you will also develop your finger strenght