I got bored yesterday so I decided to make an instrumental cover of this song. I know it's not particularly innovative but I had nothing better to do

So anyway, I'd really welcome some basic critique. I kind of want to make it sound more metal, but I'm not really sure how to achieve that short of tuning everything to drop Z. I'd be happy to give my opinion on anyone else's music in return.

Edit: I've changed it a bit, added a synth part, if anyone's interested

The lower attachment is the new version, I can't upload a .gp5 version because it's too large, apparently.
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Thanks a lot for your crit on my song man Definitely appreciate it a lot! Overall I really enjoyed this, haha. I hadn't ever heard the song that you arranged until I listened to the youtube clip you linked and I must say, your cover definitely added a few new twists to it Really cool ideas. Can't find too much to crit here as its pretty well done...though personally, I found the drums to be kinda lacking in a few places. I'm not sure how much of a 'metal' element you wanted to add to it besides the distorted guitars and rock instrumentation, but some more 'metally' drumbeats with a bit more space and less busy hi-hat kinda stuff could actually bring a few of the parts to life, and create some more contrast between sections! Other than that though, it sounded great and it was fun to listen to If you wanted to experiment a little more, I dunno, maybe you could throw in a keychange somewhere or something? I've never written one myself but I think it could sound good from what I've heard in other people's songs
Thanks man I noticed the drumming as well, the problem is I've never played drums and I don't really listen to the type of genre I want to recreate. A keychange would sound pretty cool, thank for the idea!
Thanks for your crit

Well this is... weird lol :P
Better than the original, obviously.
Must say I don't understand why your riff switches guitars every 2 bars in the verses, when one guitar can pull it off very easily.

But overall, for a metal cover of a.. um... whatever genre the original is, it's pretty awesome. And imo don't worry about making it more "metal". The fact it still feels a bit pop-ish in the cover is actually cool.
I used two guitars for the verse because I originally wanted the second phrase (bars 27-28, 31-32, etc) to be lower in pitch than the first phrase (bars 25-26, etc), like in the original, but I couldn't reach that pitch without tuning that guitar to around G so I transposed it up an octave, and then I thought it would be cool to have it played by two different guitars. If I recorded this I'd put them in stereo so the contrast is more obvious.

Edit: changed the ending, I've added a keychange and a short guitar solo.
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I thought that was much improved man I thought the key-change worked really well too, so nice work implementing that! I'm in the middle of a new song right now, it's nothing too special but I might do a keychange at the end just for fun haha