Every Time I Drive (Made by Mike Saltstorm) - £35 + P&P
Moving to an Orange Rockerverb so no longer need my main drive.

Dunlop Crybaby Wah - £20 + P&P
Picked this up on ebay, it's been modded for a more quaky sound and has an LED on it. True bypass aswell. Just not a wah guy - yours for cheap. See for more info.
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never heard of that dist pedal, what's it like?

OCD clone essentially. Search for it on youtube for a demo (Made By Mike Saltstorm)
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ok mate, how much would it be with post? interested in a swap at all?

thanks man

£37.50 in postage.

Nah, no trades I've already lined up all the pedals I want, saving money for them all.
hmm, i'll give you a yes or no after christmas, so some time next week - very interested, see what happens over christmas..