I just needed help finding a guitar that is reliable i mostly play Pink Floyd, Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and Jerry Garcia. I got a $400 budget and i would be playing out of a Fender mustang III. So if anyone can give a suggestion on what guitar.
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www.rondomusic.com agile has some good les paul models that are cheap and have rave reviews, im actually saving up for one.
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I'd go for a Stratocaster.

Either a MIM Fender, or a Classic Vibe/Vintage Modified Squier.
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I'm with a Strat too. MIM(Made in mexico). Cheaper than the american counterparts. I own one and it's a great quality instrument. Ideal for your taste it would seem.
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I'd go for a Stratocaster.

Either a MIM Fender, or a Classic Vibe/Vintage Modified Squier.

This. Don't underestimate the high-end Squiers.
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I've got a MIM Fender standard Stratocaster, and it's awesome. Has a ton of mojo and sounds very good even with the stock pickups. Comfortable neck and very good playability.

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mim strat all the way
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