What's the diffrence between LTD EC-1000 and EC-1000T CTM full thickness?

I realize they've got 2 frets less and they probaly are heavier but what would be better for rhythm metal? I'm not too crazy about thin necks and light bodies so would the thick LTD be better than standard one?

Ow and does anyone know where does LTD make these guitars? I've heard korea or indonesia is that true?
I would say go and try both and see which you like better. They're probably won't be a huge difference as they are very similar. Some of the models with the maple top might be a bit brighter, but other than that they should play almost identically.

The 1000 series should be made in korea and anything lower (ie 401, 330, 200, 100...) is made in indonesia.
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I've allways heard korea. Not sure if that's true. Nonetheless LTD Deluxes are great quality instruments. There are several bands that use them. About your question.. The CTM is regarded by some the best in the EC1000 series. i think it's a matter of personal taste.. The sound will definitely be warmer and full due to the added thickness of the body. It's not about rythm or soloing metal. These guitars have thin necks, so are suitable for both playing styles, but the CTM will have a more deeper sound
Korea is correct. I've owned three different ec1000's. Never a full thickness though. Although I have played a few. I also have owned two ESP standard eclipses. One of which I still have. And as an ESP owner, I can honestly say, I do not believe there is ANY dramatic differences between the ESP standard and the ec1000. But when it comes to the two different EC's, I would go for the full thickness if it was an option. But you should always play before you pay no matter what.
All LTD Deluxes are made in Korea. As of 2011, everything below is made in China. Prior to that, back to 2007, 200-400 was made in Indonesia. 2006 and prior, 300 and up was made in Korea.

CTM basically means your EC will feel and sound more like a real Les Paul, and not so geared toward metal. The neck profile will still be the same though. The Thin U is universal, Except on ESPs, where it is contoured ever so slightly differently.

If you want something significantly more vintage/authentic feeling, look into Edwards. The wood is cut in China, but it is assembled and finished in Japan.
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Is it true that EC-1000 has the EARVANA nut and EC-1000T ctm doesnt? Or they both are equippped with the same stuff?
Quote by MvAgusta
Is it true that EC-1000 has the EARVANA nut and EC-1000T ctm doesnt? Or they both are equippped with the same stuff?

Not so sure, but it may have more vintage type stuff. I know they did something like that with the 400 series once and put seymours in it.