My band want to record a demo soon, but this is everyone's first band and know pretty much nothing about recording, as none of us have recorded before. We have 2 songs we wish to record, one of them is about a minute long and is an intro song, and the other is a full song at about 4 minutes long.


Would 3 hours be enough to record both songs? And how many hours of mixing would you say we need?

Any help would be much appreciated!
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Depends on the complexity of the tracks (number of instruments, backing, how many vocals etc), skill of the band (can you get everything bang on in one take, or will it take your drummer an hour to nail the big fill going into the chorus etc) and the producer/technician themselves.

Really, that kind of thing just comes with experience. What I'd do is book the 3 hours, aim to get the full 4-minute song done and if you happen to get it sorted in time, move on to the other, but definitely don't try to cram them both in. The key is quality, not quantity and you definitely don't want to squander your money on 2 tracks that'll be worthless in the long run :P Better to spend a little more on the one fantastic track imho...

Good luck!
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You guys should practice the songs you want to record until you're sick and tired of hearing them. Try to get everything as perfect as possible. When you go to record it'll be a different environment, so you'll just have to get comfortable with it. I went to record with an old band of mine a few years back. I could play the songs live without missing a note nine times out of ten. But for some reason I had a hard time putting down the tracks in the studio. It was just two different feels for me.

But I agree, just go with 3 hours and try to knock out the full song first. Make sure you get the best takes that you can. You can always buy more studio time if need be. Demo quality can make or break you.