BlackStar HT 5 Mini stack for sale in the UK.

Perfect condition, no straches marks or tears, basically brand new amp!

5 Watt head with 2 40 watt cabs, comes with cab leads and footswitch.

£300 or close offer.

Picture can be uploaded if your interested.
The amp is a steal at this price, will get some photos up when I can find the digital camera!

The amp had won loads of magizine awards, including Guitarist magizine Gold award, and every review ive read has given it 5 stars.

Great range of sounds, excellent warm tone, great british amp. Perfect fromClassic rock guitarist to modern metal. The ISF changes the warmth of the tone, from American rock to warm British tones.

Dont be fooled by wattage! The amp is perfect for small-medium gigs and practice, even if your competing with loud drums.

The amp is basically box fresh, a reluctant sale as I need the money and only need a tiny bedroom amp.