I'm not trying to promote my band, and too few users go to "bandleading" so I'm bringing this to the pit: I'm trying to book my band a weekend tour in January. So far, all I have is one "maybe" show in upstate NY, but nothing confirmed, and a bunch of unreturned e-mails from other places.

I'm asking you guys if there is anywhere else I should look? My band is a hard rock/metal act, and we straddle that line pretty well. We've played rock venues, we've done metal shows.

I've already looked into these places:
-Ralph's Rock Diner (Worchester MA)
-Scenic Presents booking (NYC)
-Albany, NY area booking companies
-Scene Machine (R.I.) (has not returned an email I have ever sent them, even before)

I know it's a small list, but I'm also waiting on a band from Boston and Poughkeepsie for possibility of setting up a show, but no guarantees there. I understand this might be short notice, so I'm fine if we just get dates in general. But aside from googling places, I'm not having much luck outside of what I already know, and we've already been playing shows here (Pittsfield MA), and really just need to get out.

tl;dr: my band needs to play some shows in the northeast US. I don't know too many venues to check out, suggestions?

The Bitter End, Middle East, Church of Boston, Oliver's/Cask n Flagon, All Asia, Phoenix Landing, Regattabar, TT The Bear's.

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The Bitter End, Middle East, Church of Boston, Oliver's/Cask n Flagon, All Asia, Phoenix Landing, Regattabar, TT The Bear's.

Thank you for the suggestions. Church of Boston looks good. I've been to TT's, just not sure who they book since I've read that they don't let metal acts there (moshing being the problem? I've seen MxBx there and was in plenty of mosh pits). Regattabar looks cool, but we're not jazz.

Seriously though, thanks.
The Stone Pony and The Saint in Asbury Park. Two famous venues, with the former being one of the most well known clubs in the world.
All of these in CT, some aren't the best places, but still might be able to get a show

-Toad's place in New Haven (Not too hard to book a show on like an open metal night)
-El N Gee- New london
-City Ale House- Danbury
-Tuxedo Junction- Danbury
-South Street Stage (they might have changed the name since my last time there) - Waterbury
Daniel Street Bar- Milford
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A bit late to start booking for January....
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A bit late to start booking for January....

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I understand this might be short notice, so I'm fine if we just get dates in general.

And I'll check out the Asbury Park ones, and thanks for those CT ones. I know a band down there but they acted as if there was nothing down there (which it seems like there is) but thanks for places to start with.
Philadelphia Area:

Broad Street Ministry (srs; they're one of *the* go to places for unsigned metal and hardcore acts around here)

Crocodile Rock Cafe (actually in Allentown)

Siren Records (in Doylestown; this is my favorite venue outside of Boston)

Just to add to Xiaoxi's Boston list: The Paradise Rock Club is an awesome venue, as is Brighton Music Hall. To be clear though, those venues are a step up from TT The Bears, the Middle East, etc.

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I've got a business connection to a smaller venue in south central PA. I sent a PM about it a few minutes ago, just in case you happened to be interested.
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I can name some places in NY, not sure how huge they are.
The Haunt in Ithaca. The Fusion Room and The Lost Horizon in Syracuse, the latter is a big place for more known metal/metalcore bands (our last night, whitechapel, chelsea grin, black dahlia murder, born of osiris etc)
There's the Youth Center in Cortland, but that's not gonna pay much.
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Come to South East/South Central PA. I might be nice enough to come see your band if you do.
Tour the west, specifically California, specifically, come to California and you will have many shows to play. San Francisco is a town based off music and everyone has a similar idea. Just don't play at Slims, I ****ing hate that place. If you play there you can't have another show scheduled within 300miles for at least...two months? But there are many other places. Also LA has a lot of places as well.