Su i use the DAW Called reaper.
The problem is that when i have recorded a clip in a track, and i mark the track in a certan place to add in something, the previous recording automaticly gets muted my the new recording. How do i prevent this, so i can for example make guitar harmonies in one track?
Make a new track and record on that instead.
make sure to disarm the other one too.
I think this is what your talking about.
The whole point of multitrack recording is that you use MULTIple tracks, i.e. more than one.

Record the main part on one track, then record the harmony part on another track. By having them on separate tracks, you are able to control the mix between them and get the volume, panning, EQ, etc. correct for both tracks.

You won't want both of them to be in exactly the same place for everything, which is what you'd be stuck with if they were both on the same track.

And BTW, when doing what you're attempting the original recording doesn't get 'muted' by the harmony part, it gets overwritten by it. Once you've recorded the second part to the same track, the first part ceases to exist on the final version of the track.
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