Hello! My name is Chad and I'm from Illinois. I am looking to get started playing guitar and i have been interested for a few years now and I am finally going to get started! I just want to know if there's any good books/dvds that any of you guys suggest that will help me learn basics. Also any more info on any equipment to start out with will be nice as well. Guitar is something I have always wanted to pick up because i have a few years experience playing drums and I want to learn something new. Also my budget isn't very low so if there's something that has high value that might help me out dont be afraid to send me a link to it! Thanks for any feedback
Hi Chad!

I don't know about books but I hear the Lick Library dvds are good. You can also download a program called TuxGuitar which allows you to play, edit and create guitar tablature and sheet music for free, it's really useful to have for backing tracks.

If you don't have any equipment yet, I recommend that you ask for advice on what to get in the electric or classical/acoustic guitar forums, and in guitar gear and accessories if you're playing electric. I'd recommend that you spend more money on your amp than your guitar.

If I've forgotten anything, just let me know and I'll be happy to help
When you start guitar you want to buy used equipment instead of brand new equipment.
The reason for buying used equipment is you are not spending as much as new equipment. Also don't buy a top quality $3,000 guitar buy a cheaper guitar, and remeber you can always upgrade later. I hope this advice helps.
Yea i didnt plan on going as high as $3,000 for a guitar but i was thinking maybe around $300-$400 for an ibanez or something. Also Im not looking to get a huge amp or a tube amp or anything just like a 15w or 30w maybe so i can transport it and stuff. Also ill look into the lick library dvds too, i just need something to help me learn basic cords and terms and stuff.
A book that might help is the Beginning Guitar Super Book by Will Schmid from Hal Leonard. I started guitar on this book. It sure tells you a lot like symbols, melody, and chords.
Welcome to UG and to guitar! With videos and stuff to help you learn youtube is your best friend. I've been playing for around 5-6 years and I still look lessons and things up almost daily. Also check out powertabs. There's a link for powertab editor in the tabs section and it is totally free. It has sheet music plus tabs and plays the tab in MIDI. It's great.

As for equipment, the most basic but most important thing to get right off the bat is a metronome. As a drummer I'm sure you know how important keeping on rhythm is and with guitar its no different. I made the mistake of never using one when I started and it's affected my playing quite a bit.

But if you have any questions about anything on here don't be shy to ask it on one of the forums. People are pretty cool here. Just don't post how korn is super metal in the metal forum. They'll eat you alive.
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welcome to this forum everyone. you will know lots of ideas and you will learn more from other member here. lets enjoy our stay here and try to do some of those cool advice and idea from other member.
Well getting started should go like a tree....... if you like rock/blues/classical, learn minor and 7th scales, if you like country of jazz, learn major scales, i dont know much jazz but it has millions of different scales so i would save it for later, now that you have picked your path, practice each individual scale for ATLEAST 30 mins a day, then once you can do each scale smoothly (and dont lie to your self, it only hurts you) then move on to songs that match the type of scales you picked, and these songs will teach you new techniques (dont focus on one band, get viarity) and you will notice these scales hidden within your song, then after a good 2-5 years you can start to mess around and create things! Cheers, good luck
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