Hi guys! I have a 2008 Fender Highway One Stratocaster and I was looking for a pickup upgrade.

I'd like to know if I'd see a big difference between the Highway One stock pickups and a set of Fender Custom Shop ones.

Do you guys think it worth the 150$ ??

Thanks a lot!
i think you need a guitar that has a proper finish first. those matte finishes on the highway ones are terrible.

That being said, depends on what sound you are after. I have not been impressed with any highway one guitar i have played so if it were me i wouldn't bother spending money on great pickups for that guitar.

Tell us the type of music you play, and how much you want to spend.
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It pretty much answer my question! I'll stick with the stock ones and will buy a better strat in the future!

I didn't know that guitar finish would make such a difference.. How come?

Thanks a lot!
it doesn't make that much of a difference to sound. if it is too thick, then the wood doesn't resonate as well. i just hate the look of them. If you really like the look and feel of the guitar then the pickups will help. its up to you though. If you aren't really inspired by the guitar you are playing then you should definately be looking for a new one.
I pretty much like my H1. I've played bad ones but I like mine.

It's hard to make a pickup comparison so I really don't know if new pickups would change anything!?
The will make a noticable difference. I haven't had much exposure tothe fender custom shop pickups but i think the vintage noiseless i have in my deluxe strat sound pretty great.
I'd love to have noiseless because my pickups are really noisy! WIll check this out! Thanks
I'd pick Lace Sensors or DiMarzio Area pups over the Fender Custom Shop ones. Lace use to be Fender's go to pup for noiseless strat sound before they started making their own.
Whats the look and feel of his guitar to you have to do with this? he might like it alot.. There good guitars and a great place to start modding.. what are ypu looking for that your stock strat isnt offering? what kinda music do ypu want to play and what amp are you using?
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I'd love to have noiseless because my pickups are really noisy! WIll check this out! Thanks

You could try turning down the volume a bit, so you cant here the humming that much.
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