Hey guys!

I seem to a have an unsolvable problem with background music (aswell as the others tracks in a project) bleeding into the track I'm recording.

At the moment the set-up is;

Guitar -> M-Audio FastTrack > Cubase

I have a headset monitoring the guitar signal hooked up to the FastTrack.
The output of the computer is routed back to the FastTrack. I suspect this is the problem, but I don't see another alternative really. As far as I know, it's not supposed to be a problem recording ITB through headset vs speakers.

Anyone with a solution?

Why exactly is the output of your computer routed back into you interface? Maybe I'm reading this wrong, but that makes no sense.
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yeah, that makes no sense. the only hookup between the fast track and the computer should be the USB. then you would use the button on the front to not[/] direct monitor. the fast track should be setup so that the output of your DAW is sent to the headphone out on the interface, but this should be done via software.

i dont remember having any issues with that when i had a fast track.
There is no "Direct Monitoring" button on my FastTrack.

Simply put:

Guitar -> FastTrack -> Cubase


Headset <- FastTrack.

I can easily avoid the bleeding problem by routing the OS sound to my stereo or generally the sound output, but then I won't be able to monitor the dry guitar signal... or am I?
ok, the direct monitoring is on the new one, the old one has a mix knob. if you want to hear just the dry signal, you turn the mix knob to input, if you want the mix from your computer, turn it to playback.

you can test if the bleed is internal to the unit. set up two tracks in cubase, and have something on one of them (song or whatever). set the other one to record. make sure nothing is connected to the interface (except the computer) and record to your empty track. if set up right and working right, it shouldnt record anything. if thats the case, check to make sure the headphones arent being picked up or anything. also, i would try adjusting the mix knob to make sure that when you are to the playback side, it isnt bleeding through. if it is, you may have to record just dry without listening to the playback or something.