Hey there GB&C im currently working on a new build for a bass guitar with an integrated pedal. i have everything i may need and some stuff i dont need but i have one question. The pedal i decided to use has that feature where you need to plug a guitar cable into it for it to actually turn on, so you dont accidentally drain the battery when it isint pluged in, now heres the problem, by me taking off the input jack and wiring it straight into a circuit i would have to ground out the connection for that little interlock so the pedal would always be on from what i can get out of all this. that would however, drain the battery at a much faster rate which could turn into a problem if i dont feel like disconnecting the battery all the time whenever i switch to my passive circuit.

how can i effectively bypass the stereo jack ground completion on a pedal without draining the battery?

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you could do a couple of things. one would be to switch that circuit to the output jack of the guitar. simple enough to do, just use a stereo jack there to connect the ground of the battery.

another option would be to add a simple spst switch to the power line between the battery and the circuit. just throw the switch to apply power.

a third option would be to use a switch with an extra set of poles for your bypass switch. then when you switch the effect on, you could apply the power at the same time. im not a huge fan of this method though.