"..when it's dirty." is the obvious answer.

I feel incredibly stupid asking this. Well, 'cause my classmate was saying bout my guitar.. "there's disgusting shit around the frets, needs clean".. And when I look at my guitar, I see nothing wrong with it. I haven't cleaned it for a 10 mos. Last night I wiped a cloth with some oil in it and it was really really black on the cloth, but I see no change in my guitar. Call me blind but, I'm probably blind. Ehhh.
Every time you change strings yo, for me about every 2 weeks, less if I'm playing more.
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It can depend on the guitar, i had a telecaster which looked fine if i didn't clean it and with my prs and carvin i have cleanliness OCD and i clean them every time i restring to keep them looking nice. Especially the PRS, its like a mirror. It doesn't feel right if its pretty dirty, especially on strings and frets + fretboard. Like i polish my frets often using a planet waves kit, cause i like the feel and it makes bends better for me (just a personal preference). If you like your guitar dirty and how it feels like that, thats cool and theres nothing saying you shouldn't do that. just some of us nitpick a bit more
I clean mine every time I change strings. I use Dunlop cleaner and conditioner. It really doesn't get dirty much between string changes, but it's just a habit I've had for years now.
First time I read the thread title, I thought it said "women clean your fretboard" and I got all excited. Now I feel disappointed and slightly deceived. Damn you and your misleading thread titles!
I heard you should ideally oil your fretboard every spring
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I clean my fretboard and polish the guitar every time I change my string. Generally I change my strings completely (broken or no) every month of so. Less if I play more than normal. I find it helps to stop your strings rusting if your fretboards clean. And my les paul also sounds better and seems easier to play with a smooth board.
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usually everytime i change strings or every other time... i got tons of finger cheese on my fretboard. Usually i dont change strings till one breaks on me but my new strat has a roller nut and even cheap old ass strings dont break. Also i discovered this little can of spray that almost makes the strings feel coated when sprayed on so i further dont change the strings until iam bored and have nothing to do and feel like giving the guitar a nice rub down.

All this means my fretboard looks disgusting as hell but looks well played, which it is.

When i first started i would clean it at least once ever 3 day.
thanks for the answers everyone~ c: i'll try to make it a habit to clean everytime I change strings, which is every 1-3 mos.. (depends if I have money)