my rig is soon to be a diezel vh4 with 2 4x12 cabs on either side of the stage. I was wondering if there is anything safe I can use or do to effectively cut the signal going to either one of the cabs. I basically want to be able to cut one side of the stage sometimes to sound like one guitar, and do panning effects and what not. any ideas?
Completely not an answer at ALL...

But stereo delay, tremolo and the like sounds freaking awesome with such a rig!
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My rig had two heads and two cabs so it was easier. I used a pod xt live and had two patches set specifically for each side and then one patch set down the middle. So patch A was panned hard left, patch B was center, and C was hard right. Worked great. I guess that doesn't help.... unless you buy TWO diezels!
No, you need two amps for that. The VH4S could do it by cutting the signal in one of the FX loops if you haven't already bought the VH4 though.
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I belive Radial makes a pedal that can let you do that.


I just looked that up myself out of curiosity and it looks like with the cabbone - you can only have one cab going at once. Running stereo would be problematic.
wouldn't the load change between one cab and two cabs? you cant change impedence on the head like that on the fly.

radial eng probably has something as mentioned.
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I vote two diezels...

Edit: and then have diezel custom make an ABY switch and then tell me how much your rig cost.
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