I already know alot about maintaining a guitar but I want to take maintenance of my guitars a step further like I've heard about an oil that is put on guitar necks to keep it in a good condition.
Any tips will be appreciated!
Is that lemon oil you mean? You put it on unfinished fretboards (rosewood, ebony) every now and again to stop the wood drying out, it also cleans it up well.

Your question is pretty vague. Can you ask any specifics?
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I know basic stuff like setting a trem at the right height, string changing, and intonating.
I want to learn things I can do to maintain my guitars better, like any tips really, one thing I still don't understand too well is truss rod adjustments. the purpose and how to humidify my guitars, and I would like hear some tips from personal experiances that have helped or made your guitar playing a better sounding experience, or a better experience all together.
use google and you find all info you need and even more
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