I am currently working on a song I am recording on my own time. In the mix, it does not push much past 0db. The master hits +.6 at one point. but thats it. At the beginning of my song, it instantly clips, and skips the second it does. Making that really high pitched "laser" noise if you will x] When I open the project file, It does not clip at all in the beginning, and plays back completely fine. It is only once I listened to the rendered file that it does it. why is this happening, and how would I go about fixing this?

thank you for any tips ahead of time.
Try putting a limiter with a -0.3 ceiling/output before your render it to mp3.
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Its still clipping. :/ Its really weird. It doesnt no matter how much I turn the volume down. Maybe its not even clipping? Im not too sure. its driving me insane. I woulld post it it but its apparently too big. Ill upload the track on a 3rd party source right now for you guys to here it, once sec..
SWEEEEEEEEET. I feel like a complete noob now that I know what the problem was. Thanks a bunch dude