Hey peepsssss

I'm thinking about buying my first bass guitar and I've found a Ibanez btb 575 and a G&L L2000 tribute series for a decent price. Actually I decided I wanted to play bass 3 hours ago and just want to go out and impulse buy one tonight

I realise ones a 4 string and ones a 5 string - doesn't really bother me at the moment, I shall jam either

Music style - I like just mucking around but I'll just sum it up as rock. I do like Chili Peppers, Steve Vai, Pink Floyd

UG which out of these two choices would you recommend?
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G&L L2000s Tributes are fantastic instruments, and I suggest this.
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Yep, the G&L L2k is one of the most versatile basses out there... active, passive, 2 pickups... it's a 'swiss-army-bass'.

I would only get the BTB if you knew you wanted a 5 string. They aren't bad basses at all.
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G&L's are a great bass, I still have my 1981 G&L L-1000 and it rocks.
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