try to listen to the itch you want to hit and how it resonates with the chord on the guitar, then make sure that every note is right, I tend to be a bit harsh but you really need to work on your pitch
Hey thanks for your comments! I will work on my flat singing, I do keep doing this. Will work 100% on it. Hey what's wrong with the guitar any suggestions? I will practice more! Thanks for the advice.
Like the other guy said, your singing is flat and off pitch, which is definitely not good. It needs some work. You should try these vocal exercises that I do. It really helps, with pitch, tone and range.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5CWsFaVnWM part 1 or 4. Do all 4 excersises.

You need to really focus on hitting the right note dead on. Its apparent that you maybe slightly tone deaf ? (no offence) But it can be worked on. Keep on practising and singing songs you enjoy and work hard on the excersises, emphisizing on hitting the exact, correct pitch. You guitar playing is good.

Thanks for the crit!
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