Custom Soloist/Strat style guitar.....flame maple top, fretboard, headstock

What we have here is a Custom Shop Guitars. It was made by customshopguitars which is now no longer in business. It is USA made and has a Don Lace pickup in the bridge with a generic(i think might might) pickup in the beck. It has a 3 way switch(strat like switch). It has a custom think neck almost c shape meant for shredders and guitarists who like to play for speed. It has some great tones for the pickups it has. It has a random 6 point tremolo.....with no arm though. There is a recessed route on the bottom to help prevent your cord from being snagged while playing. It comes with a heavy padded road runner gig bag unless the buyer adds $30 and I will upgrade it to an old fender stratocaster case(has a slight mildew like smell) but still functions well.

Shipping is included in the price! I am asking $900 as its a great guitar but would be open to offers. I recently was in a car accident and most likely going on disability, so I do need the cash so fair offers will be considered.

Thanks to all and Happy Holidays!!!! =)

You can make offers on here or email me at rckstr1253 at gmail dot com
Custom Soloist/Strat style guitars are awesome! I wish you best of luck on your sale! =)
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Quote by friji
Custom Soloist/Strat style guitars are awesome! I wish you best of luck on your sale! =)

Thanks man! I appreciate that! Yea its a great guitar but I got to thin the herd and I got some serious stuff to take care of right guitar is going to the back for now.
Well I decided to lower the price to $850 shipped and that includes the used hardshell case to help protect the guitar during shipment. All offers will be considered too.....but I would like to move this guitar if anyone is interested
Bump to the top as I had some interest and would love to move this girl before I go away(to see the family)
Would love to move this girl so fair offers are welcome......Might be interested in a trade for a figured maple warmoth strat body or a fender usa strat thats used
Had a few interested people.....any fair offers will be accepted. Questions are welcome as well!
Anybody have any fair offers? I am all ears as I need to thin the herd and need to find this girl a home
Dropping the price to $730 shipped or best offer......really need to move her if anyone is interested now is the time to pick this beauty up. I would have it shipped out this week
$700 shipped......does include a never before used tremolo with trem arm.....should one want to change out the current tremolo.

ANybody out there at all interested other than the few that have just wasted my time?
Still available.....if you are interested shoot me an offer and I might just let her go.
$675 shipped for this beauty....also includes a spare never used tremolo unit with bar.
Well I had a potential buyer flake out on me......if anyone else is interested just make me an offer as I would like to move this girl.

Well i really need to move this guitar so if anyone is interested.......for today only I will let this girl go for $550 shipped. Its a steal for this beauty and includes an extra never used tremolo unit with bar.
Well last bump $530 shipped.......please no more people that are going to waste my time. If you are interested than pm me if not don't bother. It can be very annoying to get a pm that a person is interested but then get another pm saying they don't have the funds.