I have an ESP/LTD Viper 104 bass guitar, and I found this pickguard http://www.gpdusa.com/product.cgi?group=38269&product=38271 which seems to be for a viper GUITAR. I was just wondering if since it's for a guitar, it would be too small for my bass, or if the guitar's body is the same size as the bass's body?

This is the bass I have
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I play bass guitar
Have for about 1 yr and 1/2
Play for a band
I like ESP
Own two of them
I want a Schecter bass

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It wouldn't fit since it's cut for the Viper guitar.
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As dark mass said, it probably wont fit. That isnt to say that some parts on SOME guitars and their bass counterparts are not interchangable.

Questions like these are generally better put to the manufacturer or distributer, as they would have a better understanding of the specific product then us.
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If you want a pickguard for your viper bass you're almost certainly going to have to go down the custom route
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