What the HELL is that!!!!! It's frakkin Beautiful! Love the lead intro, and the vocals are very active which i like, sort of like Chris Cornell goin from low to high effectively. Rhythm Guitars sound great with that subtle amount of Overdrive and the Drums are driving the song well without overshadowing everything else. Great track!
just starting up now, rhythm guitar in the intro sounds awesome, im personally not usually a fan of intro solos but i think it words here. your voice sounds great, overall the recording quality on this is impressive. i think the chorus part "never left your hoooOoome" is actually a little disjointed, ill listen for it the next time it comes around, first one through me for a loop a little. ok, so its a little chaotic but i think if i heard it a few times i wouldnt even think twice about it anymore. that part makes me want to second the chris cornell part from above, its not exact but i can see where the idea came from for sure. at about 4:15 i think the lead guitar starts to drown out the vocals a tad but its a quick occurrence. love the outro solo. again agree with walt there, the rhythm parts through this whole track really stand out, great job on those. now im nitpicking but im not so sure about the very last note ending on such a jolt, but hey thats up to you. you have a real solid song here.

i just posted a new song myself if you want to c4c,
Overall I enjoyed the song and don't really have any criticisms. If I wanted to nitpick I might say that the two verses are a bit drawn out as they are. I feel like the second time you introduce the verse idea, you could change either the bass or the drums a little bit to give it a slightly newer feel. Altering the guitar harmonies too much might take it too far from the original idea so I don't know if I'd do that. Guitars in general were very good as was production quality.
Wow this is pretty awesome actually haha. i like this a lot, love the guitars especially. great production too....nice man!
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Hard to find anything to comment on which hasn't already been said - I liked it, thought it was well written & structured, well played & well recorded/mixed etc.

Although it's not my favourite style of music, it's definitely the sort of thing I'd have in my CD collection & would listen to on a reasonably regular basis.

The only negative is the 4 seconds of silence - you obviously put a lot of work into recording it, seems a shame that you didn't take the extra minute or so it would have taken to trim that off.

C4C here, here, or here.
You can do any or all of them, if you do more than one feel free to post a link to anything else you've done for comments.
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