Few hours lately i was about to buy a dimarzio activator for the bridge of my 1st guitar hamer sfx2, i then approach and ask the guy there if they can fix it on my guitar, upon asking the guy he told me that he have no kn0wledge how to put a pickups on a guitar. I was so disappointed that i gave it back and went home bcoz i was afraid taking a risk of buying an item worth 100bucks that would be useless. Below is the pic of my hamer sfx2 c0mpartment, 2 volume and 1 t0ne on the left, switch pickup to the right, jack output below. Can anyone tell which wire should be modified if i change the pickups and which is for which? Thanks
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if you want to do it half-assed you could just look up the colors for the pickups your guitar(Hamer) has now, and match them with the colors you have now (from Dimarzio or SD). cut the old pickup out, match proper wires and solder the corresponding wires together.

if you want to do it right, i would solder it to the pot/switch directly.

is there an audible difference? probably not.

is there a difference in soldering skill? yes by a decent margin.
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Here is a link to DiMarzio's website where they have wiring diagrams if you want to do it yourself : http://www.dimarzio.com/support/wiring-diagrams
Of course, if you don't have a lot of experience with that kind of thing there's probably some place around you where they could install the pickup.
Good luck! Hope this helps!