Here's what to do if you want to participate!

1. Ask for a spot in this thread.
2. Make an account on 8tracks. (You'll be on the site to listen)
3. Make a playlist of music (can be non-hardcore/punk) of at least 8 songs on the site, and please try to keep it not too long, over an hour might be where you may want to chop it up a bit.
4. Make the thread when it's your turn!

the mix is broken into two sections. the first is a collection of tunes to get you excited for the winter holiday, playing in the snow (unless you're me or Blake), and not having to go to classes. the second half is based around hanging out, relaxing in the cold winter air

Length: 60 minutes


1. Chapterhouse - "Breather," Whirlpool
2. Snowing - "Methuselah Rookie Card," Fuck Your Emotional Bullshit
3. Minus the Bear - "Ice Monster," Planet of Ice
4. Joyce Manor - "Beach Community," Joyce Manor
5. Rustie - "Crystal Echo," Glass Swords
6. Outkast - "Jazzy Belle," ATLiens
7. Bon Iver - "Minnesota, WI," Bon Iver
8. Joie de Vivre - "Upper Deck San Diego," The North End
9. BNJMN - "Open the Floodgates," Black Square
10. Swarms - "Sky Below Sea," Old Raves End
11. CSTVT - "Space Jam (The Return)," Summer Fences
12. Bjork - "All Is Full of Love," Homogenic
13. M83 - "Wait," Hurry Up, We're Dreaming
14. Nujabes - "Letter From Yokosuka," Metaphorical Music
15. Burial - "Endorphin," Untrue
16. Frank Turner - "District Sleeps Alone Tonight (The Postal Service)," The First Three Years


12/25 - Mehtuuuuuuhl
1/1 - DimebagLivesOn
1/8 - aCloudConnected
1/15 - Nash
1/22 - Dylan
1/29 - Cody
2/5 - Thomas the Tank Engine
2/12 - xBenny Breakdownx
2/19 - The New York Jets
2/26 - BDanAbstract
3/4 - The good captain Miguel
3/11 - brad6969
3/18 - datskramzkid
3/25 - DJ B-P 'n' da HEE-Z
4/1 - Pandy
4/8 - Geoff
4/15 - Sean
4/22 - Hayden
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