Recently I saw the nylon string strat Yngwie was playing and thought it was pretty neat, then saw another video with a guy playing an amplified acoustic with distortion.

Nylon String Strat

Distorted Acoustic Guitar

I also saw another video with an interesting fretboard

So I was thinking how I can combine these ideas to make an interesting holiday project. I have a few questions.


Will any nylon strings for a guitar work or will I need special ones? It will probably be 25.5" scale length.


I have seen some really inexpensive piezo saddle pickups and some with elaborate ugly equalizers I am looking for one that has a volume nob, that's all I need want.

Any recommendations?

I am going to find out what kind of wood I can get for cheap tomorrow. I am in Australia btw.
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I just remembered I was able to get some free hard wood 2x4s from a local retailer a couple years ago and I might be able to get some for this project too.

I'm thinking I can just use three 2x4s stuck together and use the middle one for the neck. I'll just need a finger board then.

Edit: I am going to look at a few other places, the places I went to today had nothing of use (one had been turned into a carpet retailer).


Since I lack some of the power tools (actually I have nothing) I am going to ask some people from the local woodwork club about my project at a farmers market tomorrow. Apparently they have a $50 annual club membership and have a work shop that they make available for members use. That would be awesome!
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Where did you see cheap piezo saddle pickups?
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