Wow, this song is really thrash-y and heavy. I really liked it, except for a few parts that doesn't really fit imo.

You did a great job in creating a thrash feel in this song, but some parts get a little repetitive imo. I like most of the parts except for the ending part where it slows down. That bass line doesn't really sound that good, maybe you could expand it a little bit more. When the guitar came in after that, it sounded a bit like Iron Maiden to me... o.O But when the solo came in, you brought the thrash feel back and it's a pretty nice solo.

Overall, it's a pretty decent song and I really liked it.
I agree with the above poster that there were parts where the riffs got repetitive. I would also recommend going back through the tabs and adding palm-mutes to pedal-point riffs. Other than that, it was a very enjoyable listen - seemed a lot like a mixture of Sodom and Death Magnetic Metallica to me.

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I didn't really like the intro, the intro was a bit too thrashy for me. The riff when the drums come is better though.

I liked the riff starting from around bar 20, that was pretty good. That part after that (bar 40, I think) sounded messy, it maybe to do with the drums more than anything. The bass solo parts sounded really nice.

The guitar solo was pretty good and ending was as well. Overall, a pretty good song.
for the intro, bar 2 + 4 sound really awkward. i didnt really like the intro that much.
when the drums come in i think bar 14 you should change the power chords you already have to quarter notes and in between each one add 2 16th notes to make it sound like mores going on, more of a thrashy feel. also for the same riff its a bit repetitive, i think you should change it up a little bit.

bar 20 - this isnt that thrashy for me, its way better. sounds like a classic pantera riff (huge compliment) i feel the drums should come in way earlier then they do

bar 41 - cool variation of the riff, sounds like old metallica mixed with pantera

the rest of the song is really repetitive, until bar 137

bar 137 - didnt really like the bass solo

bar 155 - cool riff, but for the solo you should try using less notes, it sounds kinda forced and its kind of like you're getting ahead of yourself with all the notes lol

anyways, dece song over all =D

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